There’s a lot of ways to track the rapid growth of your new baby.

Born 4 weeks early, Millie was such a tiny little package, swaddled with her sleeping face popped out the top like Snugglepot in a gumnut.

But boy did she change, and quick! Spindly legs grew chubby, her hair got longer and her beautiful little newborn sleepy face all of a sudden morphed into a beautiful little alert baby girl face. This happened before my eyes, within weeks, all too scarily speedy.

So began the Winnie the Pooh fortnightly measurement of growth.


I was told about this idea from my pal Holly, who mentioned her in-laws regularly photographed their little boy beside the same teddy to capture how much he changed in the first year.

Giant Winnie dutifully sits on our bed every fortnight and smiles as our growing girl is placed beside him for her photo shoot.

We’ll eventually print them in order in a photo book – such a sweet way to remember what she looked like and how she has changed.


Before long Millie will be much bigger than Winnie. Once the fortnightly pics wrap up I think I’ll keep the Winnie & Millie tradition going, at least annually, on her birthday or at Christmas.


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