Millie and I ventured across the West Gate today for brunch with friend (and mum-to-be) Meags in the wild, wild west.

Meaghan and Millie at Jellybread
Meaghan and Millie at Jellybread

Personally, I don’t think Footscray deserves its Footscary nickname. Today, as we walked past numerous mums with babes in prams and houses being renovated by enthusiastic young parents, West Footscray was friendly and unassuming.

We decided on brunch at Jellybread. Boy, do I wish this was around the corner from my place.

The prams parked out the front was a dead giveaway that this was our kind of cafe.

Jellybread is cute, cosy, welcoming and a breath of fresh air for mummas. I often see fear in the faces of new mums as they tentatively wheel their newborns or squirmy toddlers into cafes, hoping, just hoping, to get five minutes of latte-sipping time before bub throws a tanty. This cafe is owned by a mum of three. You can tell she understands.

Millie is still young enough to be content sitting in her pram, but I know this won’t last forever.

The double-fronted cafe, in Barkly St, is full of old-school charm, plenty pasted on the walls to keep little babes entertained and a quaint indoor playroom to keep toddlers amused.

Jellybread's indoor play space
Jellybread’s indoor play space

But if the weather allows, wander out the door to the left of the counter and plonk yourself at an outdoor table. The cafe opens up to a large, fenced backyard, complete with guinea pigs, trikes, pedal cars and a full-size (but long retired from service) caravan.

Jellybread Cafe's backyard is a delight for kiddies
Jellybread Cafe’s backyard is a delight for kiddies

Jellybread has started BBQs on a Sunday that are a big hit with families.

But for Tuesday brunch I scoffed down the dukkah eggs and Millie enjoyed the side dish of avocado while watching other children feed grass to the guinea pigs.

The sun was shining, our tummies were full and this mum and bub were happy little Vegemites indeed.

Jellybread Cafe is at 561 Barkly St, West Footscray, open 9am-4pm.




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