My maternal and child health nurse suggested my new mothers group think about doing a paediatric first aid course.

We know not to leave bub unattended on the change table, not to leave our children in a hot car and we remember to check the water temperature before we pop them in the bath. But we realised we didn’t know what to do if our babies became seriously ill or injured.

As a group – and with our partners and bubs in tow – we completed the Vital Aid course run by KidzAid Melbourne.

Millie does her best CPR manikin impersonation
Millie does her best CPR manikin impression

The 2.5hr course was held at a nearby learning centre (it can be arranged to complete the course with a small group at home) and made a huge difference to my confidence with my baby because I now know what to do if something goes horribly wrong.

We learnt basic life support and CPR and what to do in the event of choking, drowning, fever, burns and seizures.

We had hands-on practice with lifelike paediatric manikins and learnt from a helpful instructor (all instructors are critical care nurses and paramedics) who made us feel at ease and went over anything ‘baby brain’ failed to understand the first time.

The course is $60 a person, which is money well spent when it comes down to having a little peace of mind.

KidzAid Paediatric First Aid Training can be arranged through



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