We bought our baby a Bugaboo. Despite the fact it cost more than my first car, it’s been one of the best baby items we’ve bought. I love it. Millie loves being in it. It’s a smooth ride. It’s easy to push and manouvre. Happy days.

Millie and her little friend Olivia snooze under their Breezy Sun Canopies during a walk to Luna Park
Millie and her little friend Olivia snooze under their Breezy Sun Canopies during a walk to Luna Park

We bought quite a few baby essentials at a David Jones Baby & Toddler Expo. The department store hosts these special days a couple of times a year and brand representatives are on hand to answer questions – but the best part is that prams, cots, car seats, monitors etc are 20% off on the day.

It was perfect because we picked out what we wanted and paid a deposit while it was all ordered in. There’s not much space at our place and we could relax knowing we had all we needed on its way while we cleared out the spare room that was to become bub’s nursery.

I didn’t test out many prams to be honest, but trusted the opinions of friends who used a Bugaboo.

After a go of pushing it around DJs and a shot at folding it up, we settled on a Cameleon 3 with the plain black fabric set. We didn’t find out if we were having a girl or boy, so black suited either. It looks chic too, and when baby did arrive, the dark canopy meant it was easy for her to fall asleep.

While the pram is close to perfect, there have been some additions I’ve made (seems just because you spend $1000+ on a pram doesn’t mean everything you need comes with it, oh no). There are some pram accessories that I think are worth the extra cash.

The cup holder was on my birthday wish-list. It’s great. It keeps my daily takeaway latte upright while I tend to baby and allows me to have two hands on the pram. You can buy them at Baby Bunting.

I bought a cheap bag hook that’s been super handy, especially while Millie was in the bassinet. The bassinet on the Bugaboo is very roomy (Millie still fitted in it until she was 6 months) but it’s tricky to access the underpram bag holder. The bag hook allowed me to attach lightweight bags without the need for squashing it under. The Brica brand one I have is hardened plastic so it doesn’t make a noisy clunk along the handlebar when you fold the pram up. Toys R Us, Kmart, Target and Baby Bunting all have lots of different types.

I also bought the Bugaboo Breezy Sun Canopy and it’s been fantastic so far in these sweltering summer temperatures. It allows for extra ventilation and mozzie protection through fine mesh panels on the sides and at the feet, has a UPF of 50+ and extends over the stroller seat (or bassinet) so to keep the sun off bub entirely. It means we can still have a walk outside on warmer days. I got mine at Buckets and Spades in Brighton, it was about $100.

After converting my pram to the stroller mode I purchased a seat liner. I figure that it’s easier to pull it off and wash it than trying to clean the actual pram. There are some talented sewers out there making seat liners in all kinds of bright and beautiful printed fabric if you don’t want to spend the $75 on the Bugaboo one. A quick search on Etsy or eBay will offer up plenty of options.

Spending extra money on the footmuff is probably uneccessary. Most babies have multiple sleeping bags with holes for harnesses and warm blankets to keep cosy during the winter chill. If it was that cold and blowy I probably wouldn’t venture outdoors with my baby anyway!

I admit the printed canopies look funky. There’s Andy Warhol prints and alternative colours but the fabric set that it comes with is fine.

You can buy snack trays, parasols and Bugaboo-branded blankets but I think these are add-ons you really don’t need.

There’s even a Bugaboo transport bag…but at $210 I’d be tempted to buy a stroller overseas to use while on holiday or even buy a cheap stroller here that won’t worry you if it’s thrown around and damaged while in transit. Target has a cheap and cheerful stroller available now for just $25 that would suit bubs over 6 months.

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  1. thanks for the Target stroller rec. Got a Bugaboo too and don’t fancy paying $210 for the bag for an OS getaway we’re planning so the stroller is perfecto :)

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