Millie and I have just come back from a morning stroll where on the way we donated some leftover disposable nappies to The Nappy Collective.

The new charity redistributes donated nappies to organisations that support disadvantaged mums and families.

We only had about 10 nappies to donate (how is it that Millie can fit into a nappy one day, but it be way too tight the next? Is she really growing that quickly?) but every nappy counts.

The volunteer mums who started the collective late last year have already helped distribute more than 1500 nappies to those in need.

There are 19 collection points in a Melbourne and Sydney that will accept unused nappies for two weeks from today. There will be more collections in June and October.

Click here for collection points near you, or to find out more.

Millie helped to collect the nappies she’d grown out of

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  1. What an amazing idea! Will drop off Olovias leftover newborn huggies today! I know, it’s crazy how quickly they grow, the crawlers seem so big but so did the current ones before we left her newborn size behind!

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