My house is pretty small. I’m ok with that.

Millie doesn’t need much space yet, but when she does we have a huge park (complete with play equipment, cricket fields and a lake with ducks) just up the road as well as the beach at the very end of our street. She’s a lucky baby.

The size of our home, however, meant I was super keen to leave the confines of our four walls and get out and about soon after bringing Millie home from hospital.

During a daily stroll I found my local cinema ran ‘bubs’ sessions, where mums can bring their new little bundles while checking out the latest flick.

It’s been fantastic. Searing heat? The cinema is air-conditioned. Freezing cold? You’re in a comfy cinema, out of the house but still out of the elements.

It doesn’t matter if your baby cries. No-one cares. I think you are only actually disturbed by your own baby’s grizzle. I didn’t notice when the babies around me sooked.

Millie slept through her first visit to the movies

I took Millie for the first time when she was only about four weeks old. My sleeping baby was snuggled in my arms, I had a latte in the cup holder beside me and didn’t even have to share the popcorn. Bliss!

Feeding is encouraged, the sound is lowered and the lights are left dim.

We’ve witnessed Cate Blanchett in what is tipped to be her second Oscar-winning performance, we’ve watched rom-coms, arthouse gems and the latest Hunger Games installment.

Millie testing seat comfort at our local theatre, the Classic Cinema in Elsternwick

Even if the movie of the week is not my cup of tea, I cherish the couple of hours where I can sit and just cuddle my baby – and not be distracted by the dishes in the sink, the washing that needs to be hung or crappy daytime television.

Spit The Dummy Sessions run every Wednesday morning at the Classic Cinema, Elsternwick. Tickets are $11, babies under 3 are free.
Village and Hoyts also host mums and bubs screenings.

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