I’ve been reading to Millie since before she was born.

Not sure if she could hear me or if it’s the reason she now loves it when I read her a book.

I found the little book Oh, Baby, the Places You’ll Go! which is a book designed to be read in utero.

It’s adapted from the Oh, the Places You’ll Go! story by Dr Seuss (and coincidentally, that was the book we used as a reading at our wedding) and it’s said that learning starts while bub is still in mum’s womb.

Oh, Baby, the Places You’ll Go!, adapted by Tish Rabe from the works of Dr Seuss

Once she arrived, I bought Millie a board book called Mesmerised, a black and white book of pics to help her see.

High-contrast images are much easier for babies to see when they are little. I’d prop it up beside her and soon discovered the title was apt…she would stare at the pics for ages.

Mesmerised, by Katey Love

Now I read her a nightly story – I’ve found she responds well to books with repetition – and we’re regulars at our local library’s fabulous Baby Rhyme Time sessions.

Held every couple of weeks, the free 20 minute sessions are designed introduce your child to language, literature, singing and the library.

Millie loves it. I wasn’t sure she would sit and listen but she is entranced by the singing librarian and often turns to look at me and giggles, as if to say she approves.

Humpty Dumpty, Five Little Ducks, Heads and Shoulders…they are all read or performed, often with puppets or dolls.

Enjoying Baby Rhyme Time at Brighton Library
Brighton Library

There’s toddler and preschool storytime at our local branch too, so I can keep taking Millie along until she goes to school.

Hopefully it will introduce her to a lifelong love of reading.

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