Millie Moo, you’re so cute right now.

Millie is at that age where all she does is cute and funny and awkward and surprising.

I blew a raspberry the other day, demonstrating to someone what she had done during an entire car journey. She heard me and mimicked me.

She has started to curl her fingers and ‘wave’ when we say hello and wave to her. So clever this baby.

But yesterday, with one eye on Karl Stefanovic and the Today show and one eye on the fruit and oats I was feeding to my hungry bird, she did something I’m so very proud of.

She danced.

Yes, she was in the Bumbo and yes it was more nodding her head from side to side, but it was in response to music.

But it was the choice of song she decided to perform her first dance to that was one of my proudest moments.

It was to an old school tune from 80s/90s Aussie band Boom Crash Opera.

Here we go, here we go for one more turn
We can shake, we can shake the trees and earth
We can spin, we can spin and not fall down
Hold on tight, we can both become unwound
You and I, going out
And we’re dancing in the storm

My daughter has a fine taste in music. That’s a relief. Glad she didn’t start rocking out to Rihanna or someone equally as skanky.

Bumbos are for sitting and dancing

Dale Ryder and BCO are mighty fine. About 4 years ago a group of girlfriends and I went to see them play at the Corner Hotel in Richmond. Best $25 we ever spent. In our late 20s we were probably the youngest in the room, but what we lacked in age we made up for in enthusiasm. Dancing in the storm was the highlight. Love that song.

So Millie’s transformation into a mini version of her mummy is in progress. Something tells me the dancing is the easy part.

For those who’d also like to check to see if their child has a fine taste in music, or if mummy wants to re-live a snippet of her youth, here’s the Opera in their heyday. You’re welcome.

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