Millie has the beautiful Stokke Sleepi cot, which transformed from the sweet little oval Sleepi Mini bassinet.

It is so stylish and its convertible style is perfect in our small home, meaning we don’t have the bassinet to store somewhere now she’s grown out of it.

But designer goods come with designer price tags and the unusual oval shape means we have to foot the bill for matching Stokke sheets (I wish I could sew. I can’t).

But I stumbled across Melbourne’s own Little Linen Company when a friend asked me where I got my OiOi baby bag and doing an online search.

Turned out my much-admired green bag is connected to the same company who made the amazing digital-print muslin wraps I bought for Millie when she was a newbie, the Airwrap breathable cot bumpers and funky crochet blankets.

The digital print muslin makes a light cot sheet

The company’s Little Bamboo brand round cot fitted sheet ($27.50) fits the Stokke Sleepi for a fraction of the price of the Stokke sheet. It’s soft and gets better after each wash – but only comes in white.

The breathable Airwrap

I also recently bought the Airwrap, a breathable cot bumper. Bumpers are usually a no-no,

but this one is made from mesh for airflow and has stopped Millie from sleeping with her

head against a wooden rail and throwing teddies, dummies, arms and legs out the sides of the cot.

The digitally-printed muslin wraps are so handy and so cute and a really fine, lightweight muslin. I bought one with a baby world map because with red and blue colours I thought it was good for a boy or girl. I’ve used it so much, not only to swaddle Millie but as a nursing cover, pram cover and as a sheet for Millie on hot nights.

The Weegoamigo muslin wraps have many colourful prints

The thicker printed muslin wraps are a steal at $14.95 and are really soft – I also found this type was harder for Millie to wriggle out of in her sleep. There’s dinosaurs, vegies, flowers, bears….cute, cute, cute.

My green leather hobo nappy bag has been a great choice. These bags are expensive but last, have lots of handy compartments and look just like a big slouchy handbag.

As well as selling online, I’ve seen The Little Linen Company products at Baby Bunting and Parenthood.


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    • Hi Lisa – I had to improvise, managed to fit it all around with the two longer pieces and stuck the Velcro to the next piece rather than onto itself so there were no gaps…was quite easy but takes a little bit of planning!

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