Trouble with going for a walk near our place is that I usually have my wallet with me (sanity coffee a must).

And when I stumble across shops related to all things mini, I just have to pop in for a peek.

The lovely Elwood Village shops are a short stroll from home for us and Millie and I are often wandering through on the way to the beach.

Spot the suitcase and you’re nearly there

But there’s a little tucked away treasure trove for kiddies that is reason enough to visit the village.

Naughts & Crosses – beautiful things for little people – is my fave shop right now.

You know when you find something that’s just your taste? This shop is full of it. I’d buy one of everything if I could.

Tricky to spot at first, this shop is down a cobbled lane. The suitcase says it all: CUTE SHOP.

The lovely store owner will help you with your pram if you want to bring baby up the step and inside, but I parked Millie at the entrance and she happily watched the bubble machine spurt out rainbow spheres while I looked around. Smart girl, Millie. The longer you’re content, the more I’ll find and buy for you.

Naughts & Crosses is a hidden Melbourne gem
Millie was happy to bubble watch

There’s clothing, toys, lamps, bunting, rattles, dolls, children’s jewellery, pinwheels, rugs, cushions, books and ornaments. It’s all kitsch and beautiful. It’s funky and sweet. Nothing mass-produced or ordinary.

One of everything please

Millie’s nursery has a ‘woodland critters’ theme (deers, rabbits, mushrooms and owls) so I bought a squishy rubber mushroom teething toy on my visit today as well as a low wire mint green basket to sit some of her dolls in.

Dolly has a fine view from up here
Quack Quack: What a bright idea

If I were kitting out a nursery this shop would be my first stop. But older kids aren’t forgotten, with crafty goodies galore to keep little hands busy.

The shop also has a website for those who can’t make the trip to Elwood.

Naughts & Crosses is at the rear of 104 Ormond Rd, Elwood.

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