I find myself staring at Millie and telling my brain to take it all in.

In a week she would have changed again.

My baby is 8 months old and time has whizzed by.

In those first weeks just about everyone told me to appreciate the time spent with my baby. “She’ll be off to kinder before you know it!” they’d say. Now I know what they mean.

I have been lucky enough to take 12 months maternity leave and treasure the Millie and mummy time every waking moment.

It’s hard to believe Millie was ever this small. Her Bonds mushroom suit was a size 00000

It’s weird because I still have an infant child but find myself getting nostalgic about how she was just 6 months ago.

Two dear friends have had babies within the last two weeks and I cannot believe that was me last July. Xanthe and River are so tiny, so delicate and so compact – making Millie look like a giant in comparison.

I read in New Idea that a recent survey found 75% of women would quit Facebook and 70% would give up chocolate to go back in time for just one more baby cuddle with their child.

They are only this small for such a short time and maybe that’s why we feel ‘ripped off’ when they become independent little people. I can see why women go back and have many more children – holding your newborn is like a drug and you need another fix.

But there is so much joy in watching my darling girl grow and learn. She giggles incessantly, waves hello and is a little chatterbox these days. It’s also a beautiful age – and I know I’ll be wishing for this time again come her 1st birthday.

Taking lots of photos (oh you MillieMummyMelbourne Instagram followers are in for a treat!) and videos is how I’ll remember these first 12 months.

But I have to ensure I don’t spend my time watching Millie through a lens and instead hope the best memories of now are locked up there in my noggin.

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Millie at 8 months

4 Comments on Time flies when you’re changing nappies

  1. I can relate to this post so much – I find myself constantly reminiscing about the times when my little one was smaller, and wishing I could go back there, but I also love the developments she has made and the amazing person she is now. I think women are hard-wired to feel this way to ensure that we have more children! I saw a newborn at my local shops this morning and it brought a tear to my eye! I can’t wait for that magical time again with the next baby…..

  2. Oh Nat- you brought a tear to my eye!
    I thought that 8 months was absolutely the best age as well and didn’t know how it could get any better from there- but the good news is it does!! Every age we’ve progressed through has topped the last with BOTH kids (yes- bits get more challenging, but they make up for it with being engaging, loving and always astounding you at what they are capable of!) It’s just the beginning!!!

    • I am excited Jodes, just wish we had a super power to wind back the clock every now and then! Watching how your littlies have grown ensures me the best is ahead xx

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