It was Sunday funday.

Hubby and I had agreed to meet friends at a cafe in Chapel St for lunch, strapped Millie and her 17 million necessary items in the car and headed off.

Poor Millie (and I) had a couple of rough nights because of teething and a head cold – double whammy for bubba – so I made sure I packed lots to keep her entertained/fed/watered/not crying.

After a couple of minutes in her car seat she fell asleep.

We parked in the multi-deck car park next to Prahran Market and hubby got the pram out while I tried to transfer our sleeping babe from Mazda to Bugaboo.

The slight wetness near her leg I put down to spills from a cup of water I’d helped her sip from before we left.

Then the smell hit us. Whoa, baby! You might be sick, but at least you’re functioning properly! An old beach towel made for a change mat and I proceeded to undress our bean in the back of the boot. Millie was very excited about the change of scenery and all the random items Daddy leaves in there. Shoelaces, lacrosse gear, bags, towels, wrappers, water bottles. All fair game for an inquisitive baby girl.

It was at this point I realised the wetness was also on her bodysuit and singlet. It was here I realised it probably wasn’t water.

A number 3 poo explosion had occurred in the 10 minutes it took to arrive at our destination.

I always carry plenty of wipes and nappies, but had forgot to pack a change of clothes.

It was then hubby suggested we go home to change her but spotted the Aldi supermarket opposite.

While he cleaned up I ran across the street on a mission to find something for Millie to wear.

It was my lucky day: I foraged through the bargain bin in the centre of the supermarket for size 00 or 0 clothes and found three PINK items. Millie’s girly pink style continues, even in times of crisis.

Leggings: $2.99. Long sleeved spencer: $3.99. Corduroy dress, $9.95.

I think Millie was pretty chuffed with her (cheap) new outfit
She was also very pleased with her new car boot change table

It was slim pickings at the supermarket but I think she looked pretty cute, rocking an outfit that cost less than $17.

What do you think?

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  1. I wish there had been an Aldi near by when Charlie got into his buddy Elandra’s paddle pool fully clothed! He spent the rest of the day in a girly t-shirt dress with puffy sleeves…

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