Hopefully I’m not the first to tell you about St Kilda Mums.

If I am, I’m so glad you’re reading this. It’s a wonderful charity. But it needs your help.

The not-for-profit organisation is based in St Kilda, Melbourne and run by dedicated volunteers. The group rehomes new and pre-loved baby goods, clothing and equipment to families in need.

St Kilda Mums began in 2009 when a group of mums discovered that op-shops refused to take their cots, prams and other nursery equipment. The organisation ensures all the gear it rehomes meets safety standards and is in great condition – and while quality donations pour in, demand still exceeds supply.

There is a long waiting list for prams and cots.

A donated Bugaboo ready to be rehomed. Picture: St Kilda Mums Instagram

Working with and supporting existing maternal health and social services workers, St Kilda Mums has donated to thousands of new – and very grateful – parents.

Children’s clothing packed and ready to be delivered to families in need. Picture: St Kilda Mums Instagram

With 54 families on the waiting list who have, or are expecting a new baby but with no way of affording a safe cot, St Kilda Mums has just started its 2014 Cots for Tots campaign.

The group hopes to find 400 cots, so please ask friends or family if they have a suitable cot to donate. If not, you might consider a $140 donation, which allows St Kilda Mums to buy a new cot and mattress wholesale.

For more information about the fantastic work of St Kilda Mums, click here.
To find out if St Kilda Mums can accept and rehome what you have to donate, click here.

Special mention to my talented colleagues Dana, Nicole and Fiona at Leader Community Newspapers for winning the Melbourne Press Club Quill Award (2013) for Best Suburban Report In Writing for their coverage and support of the 2013 Cots for Tots campaign.

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  1. Hi Nat, thanks for this post. I don’t have a cot or pram to donate, but I was looking for somewhere that could make good use of Holly’s clothes that she has grown out of, so I will donate all of these to this wonderful charity.

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