Does anyone else hear their baby crying even when they’re not?

It happens to me all the time.

It often happens when I strip off and step in the shower…that’s a guarantee I’ll hear it: a faint waaaaaaaaa.

I tilt my ear toward the hallway.


Ok then. Shower off. Towel on. Up to Millie’s room. Open the door. She’s snoozing. Hmm.


Hubby comes home from work and starts talking about his day. I shoosh him. “Is that Millie?” I say. He rolls his eyes. It’s not.

Settled on the couch with a cuppa, ready to watch the latest Game of Thrones episode (yeah, yeah…don’t tell me you aren’t stupidly excited that it’s back) and I’ll suddenly hit the mute button on the remote. I can hear a sob. Oh no I can’t.

We laugh that there’s a crying baby ghost in our house. Or that Millie pretends to be asleep again when I check on her.

I suspect it’s something engineered in mothers. Once that baby is put in our arms we are wired to jump up at the tiniest peep.

I think it stems from those first weeks with bub, those weeks when you’re so nervous and lie awake listening to every cry, snuffle, breath, squeak and sigh from the teeny little person beside your bed. Your hearing is so finely tuned to them that you hear their cries ringing in your ears.

I thought it might have been the lack of sleep that was sending me round the twist, but no, Millie’s almost 9 months old and a champion sleeper – and it’s still happening to me.

I won’t ignore it, the day I don’t take a peek at her or check the monitor is the day it’s actually Millie awake and crying.

Please mums, tell me it also happens to you? Or am I going batty?

4 Comments on The crying baby ghost

  1. I hear it all the time! It’s the same for me with the shower! I now take the monitor in and put it on the sink so as I can check without getting out with half washed hair or only one shaved leg! Now that Olivia is no longer breastfeeding it funnily happens less, I always thought it was part of the attachment process, but obviously not the imaginary ones!

  2. lol, this happens to me ALL THE TIME! mostly when I turn on the vaccum, I swear it sounds like my daughter is screaming histerically, but each time i check she is sound asleep. And the shower scene is exactly the same.

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