In the first few weeks after Millie was born, I spent a lot of time buying things with the help of my iPhone and trusty credit card.

Newborns tend to sleep and feed all day. Plenty of time for a bit of retail therapy. Well, LOTS of retail therapy.

In those early days I managed to snap up tickets to Richmond’s first AFL finals appearance in many years and seats to Russell Howard’s comedy show Wonderbox.

Russell Howard’s Good News is one of hubby and my favourite shows (it’s on SBS 2 for those of you playing at home).

I bought some tix waaaay back in August 2013 and the show was last night. Long wait. Worth it.

Anyway, because it was so far away I didn’t anticipate it would be difficult for me to leave Millie with someone other than hubby.

I’ve gone to dinners and parties here and there but Millie Moo has been left with her dad.

It was the first time we’d been out together and without our girl since she was born. She’ll be 10 months old on the weekend.

My brother lives close by and was a willing applicant for the babysitting job.

Masha Moo and Millie Moo. Mutual love.

I have no problem leaving her with family or good friends, it’s just that I have to leave her!

Some of my friends from mother’s group are starting to go back to work after maternity leave and dealing with having to leave their bubbas at child care for the first time. Everyone struggles with this decision. It’s not easy.

Luckily the show was in the evening and I put Millie to bed shortly after Matt arrived.

On the train on the way in to the city, I sent Matt a text (couldn’t resist, just had to check everything hadn’t gone pear-shaped in the 20 minutes since we walked out of the house).

Me: “Still sleeping?”
Matt: “We’re at the pub.”

At about 10pm when the show finished, I sent another SMS.

Me: “Everything ok? We are about to head home.”
Matt: “Yep fine, still at pub. We’ve had enough anyway, see you at home.”

As predicted, Millie slept the whole time. We were back home about 10.30pm and Millie didn’t know we’d left.

The biggest drama Matt had was trying to find where we kept the tea towels.

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