Month: June 2014

Beauty & the baby: I got this. Any day now.

My diary is all booked up most weekends for the foreseeable future.

I’m so popular. Kidding. My social calendar is still quite sparse. It seems when you put a baby to bed each night, you also put to bed fancy shoes, drinking games and loud music.

My diary is instead full of appointments where someone will be dyeing and blowdrying, clipping and painting or tearing hair from my body with hot wax.

Don’t know about you, but trying just to look neat and tidy is a huge deal for a mum and a lesson in organisation and efficiency.

A couple of weeks ago I had my waxing done. Appreciating that I’m offering TMI, I…um, had the whole shebang, which takes time (trust me, you do not want a rush job).

I had to schedule this for when the waxing salon was open and when hubby could watch Millie Moo.

It left me with Saturday. Saturday morning actually, Mr G plays a winter sport Saturday afternoons.

I woke when Millie did, fed her, gave her some brekky, played with her for a bit and had a quick shower while she kicked around on our bed as Mr G kept one sleepy eye and protective hand on her. I popped her back in her cot for her morning nap, put the baby monitor right beside hubby’s head and left to go get my hair yanked from its roots at 9.45am. Oh yay. What a morning. I wouldn’t call it a beauty treatment, it’s only necessary maintenance so I don’t resemble a yeti. Despite this, hubby thinks I’m off to be pampered. I know he only hears “blah blah SALON blah blah BEAUTICIAN blah blah BEAUTY blah blah MIND THE BABY”.

Last weekend I got a mani and pedi. Same deal, although the experience for me was a lot more pleasant (except for the part where they shaved off my crusty heel skin because I haven’t had the time to put on anything but Havaianas on my feet for months).

This weekend you’ll find me at the hairdressing salon on Saturday at 8am. I LOVE going to the hairdresser and love the way my hair looks when I step out but it’s a scheduling nightmare. My natural (ahem) blonde requires a lot of foil and time to process. This transformation has to be done and dusted before Mr G leaves for his match.


Within the next couple of weeks I’ll be back at the waxing salon starting the whole vicious – and expensive – Saturday beauty cycle again.

Millie, at 11 months, is too wriggly now to be able to bring along to the hairdresser or nail salon. I used to wheel her along when she was a tiny, sleepy, quiet baby. My lovely hairdresser’s husband used to jiggle the pram when she stirred from her slumber while I was getting my colour done. Those days are long gone. Mums of newborns: make the most of the sleepy, compact, new baby stage. Go. Go now.

This is all so we feel ok when we look in the mirror. We want to give off the impression that we have this new mum thing down pat. We want people to look at us and say “she has a baby and…wow, how does she do it?”.

No-one can really tell what has gone on to have me looking as great as I do (that was a joke). But I can be certain that everyone’s going to notice as soon as I don’t make the effort!

Do you find it tricky to find your ‘me’ time? If someone else looks after bub for an hour or two, where do you go?

Oh, you’re from Tigerland? I’m so sorry.

As a born and bred Melburnian (Melbournite?), it’s a given that I follow an AFL footy team.

As a little girl I was happily immersed in my world of pink, Barbie dolls, Cabbage Patch Kids and jazz ballet. Following a football team was not something I planned but I kinda knew I would. After all, dad loved the Tigers. Mum did too. There was no choice for the kids in this family but to be one-eyed yellow and black.

I was born in 1979, in the middle of a very successful era for the Richmond Football Club. The Tigers won the flag in 1980. Dad still talks about it. Time has shown us that this success is yet to be repeated. Sigh. We move on…

I’d go along to matches with dad and my brother Matt to grounds like Windy Hill where it was either dusty and hot or cold and wet.

Matt was kitted out in his Richmond jumper, footy Record in hand and was VERY excited – he was a good little player in VicKick (now Auskick) and couldn’t wait to see his idols run out onto the field. I wasn’t really sure what I was doing there.

The years went by and with each one I grew to like and understand the game more and more. My teenage years arrived and a healthy crush on Matthew Richardson helped notch up my attendance to Tigers games.

I’m now a Gold Richmond FC member and just love my footy. There’s been tremendous joy, times where I’ve lost my voice, tears and disbelief.

Just your typical footy fan

When Millie was born, I knew that she’d be a little Tiger.

She was gifted a black & yellow onesie with a sash, a beanie, a Richmond Tiger teddy and Richmond socks.

We dressed her up last September for Richmond’s first finals appearance since 2001.

Millie has a full yellow and black ensemble

Millie only had to wait a few weeks for her team to make the finals, while her mother had been cheering them on for more than 30 years and had only seen them compete in finals twice. I was hopeful for Millie’s sake that the game was the start of a new era of ongoing success for the Tigers. It was not to be. Sigh. We move on…

Following the Tigers means there will be plenty more days like this

Millie, I apologise in advance for making encouraging you to be a little Tiger. There will be wins – it’s not all bad – but there will be disappointment.

But every Tiger has its day and I hope that your mum, dad, uncle and Grandpa are by your side when the mighty Tiges prove they can be ‘strong and bold’ and win the premiership cup.

Did your family influence your choice of sports team?

Snap happy in little squares

I take lots of photos of Millie. Hundreds and thousands.

I have thousands of pics on my phone, each one a moment in time and a precious snap capturing my baby girl and her speedy growth.

But I’m constantly getting the dreaded ‘storage almost full’ message on my iPhone.

Boo. I hate that.

I’m sure every proud mum out there is very familiar with this problem.

It pops up when Millie is doing something particularly cute or funny (ie. all the time) and I panic and scroll back to pics before July 2013 and reluctantly delete the photos of the amazing dish I ate/cooked for dinner that at the time I thought was the bee’s knees.

Then I tried SmileyPrint. I now have Millie’s adorable little face peering at me from an equally adorable mini Instagram album and a set of glossy square prints.

The SmileyPrint website allows you to easily upload your Instagram feed and from there you can pick and choose the snaps you would like to rescue from the tiny screen of your phone.

The mini spiral-bound album arrived quickly in the post. It’s very sweet. It has a book cover and is a nifty little size to keep in my bag for anyone else interested enough to see photos of my girl.

The square prints are also beautiful – almost a modern-day Polaroid – and will soon take pride of place hanging from twine with tiny pegs in our hallway. We’ll be able to print more pics as we take them and add them to our mini square gallery.

I’m thinking it would be a nice way to display piccies at Millie’s 1st birthday party coming up.

I’m really happy with my SmileyPrint goodies, but also so pleased some of the best pics of Millie will emerge from the black box that is my phone and see the light of day.

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*This is a sponsored post

My Instagram snaps have been made into a mini album and square prints thanks to SmileyPrint