I take lots of photos of Millie. Hundreds and thousands.

I have thousands of pics on my phone, each one a moment in time and a precious snap capturing my baby girl and her speedy growth.

But I’m constantly getting the dreaded ‘storage almost full’ message on my iPhone.

Boo. I hate that.

I’m sure every proud mum out there is very familiar with this problem.

It pops up when Millie is doing something particularly cute or funny (ie. all the time) and I panic and scroll back to pics before July 2013 and reluctantly delete the photos of the amazing dish I ate/cooked for dinner that at the time I thought was the bee’s knees.

Then I tried SmileyPrint. I now have Millie’s adorable little face peering at me from an equally adorable mini Instagram album and a set of glossy square prints.

The SmileyPrint website allows you to easily upload your Instagram feed and from there you can pick and choose the snaps you would like to rescue from the tiny screen of your phone.

The mini spiral-bound album arrived quickly in the post. It’s very sweet. It has a book cover and is a nifty little size to keep in my bag for anyone else interested enough to see photos of my girl.

The square prints are also beautiful – almost a modern-day Polaroid – and will soon take pride of place hanging from twine with tiny pegs in our hallway. We’ll be able to print more pics as we take them and add them to our mini square gallery.

I’m thinking it would be a nice way to display piccies at Millie’s 1st birthday party coming up.

I’m really happy with my SmileyPrint goodies, but also so pleased some of the best pics of Millie will emerge from the black box that is my phone and see the light of day.

You can follow SmileyPrint on Facebook or Instagram or order your own SmileyPrints here

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*This is a sponsored post

My Instagram snaps have been made into a mini album and square prints thanks to SmileyPrint


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