Millie made a splash today and had her first swimming lesson.

We booked in for the term with Brighton Swim School Aquatics and will go weekly for 10 weeks.

The classes at the centre are appropriate to a child’s age, development and ability.


We’ll see how she goes, but I’d like to have her in swimming lessons until she’s proficient in the water, at the very least.

Apprehensive at first (not as apprehensive as her mummy was about getting into swimwear for the first time in 18 months – eeek), Millie was splashing about and giggling after 5 minutes in the pool.

The instructor said she was at a good age to start. Millie is 11 months and mostly understands what to do after some help or a demonstration (kicking her legs to make a splash, putting rubber ducks in a bucket).

Blowing bubbles in the water will take time, however. At the moment she is drinking it. Hmm. I really would like her to learn not to do that.

I didn’t learn to swim properly until I was at school (who remembers the Aquapass?). I don’t want that for Millie. It’s a life skill and I’m glad she’s testing out the water before she can walk or talk!

Millie and another little girl, Allegra, are the only two kiddies in the class.

It was so sweet to see my baby girl, who this time last year was still weeks off being born, discovering the joys of a swimming pool and trying something for the first time.

We can’t wait for next week.

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  1. i agree with you, swimming is so important, especially since we live so close to water. Can’t say I loved going shopping for togs in the midst of winter though!

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