We’re not greenies in this household, but we try to do our bit.

We only buy recycled toilet paper. We line dry most of our washing, most of the time. We use grey water on the garden. I’m vegetarian.

When I was sent some Mother’s Corn natural products to try, I was excited and was really hopeful Millie would love them too.

She did.


Mother’s Corn baby tableware is so clever. Made from corn (PLA resin is extracted from cornstarch), the biodegradable plastics used in the products are as strong as the other dinnerware we used for Millie – but are BPA free, printed with non-toxic ink and free of petrochemicals that are harmful to the environment.

The segmented joy meal plate and self spoon & fork set have created a new, exciting eating routine for Millie. No longer content to let me shovel food into her mouth, Miss Independent is learning to self feed and will attempt to scoop food from her plate. The baby cutlery has a round finish on the fork and was easy for her to grip. I put a variety of different foods in her sectioned plate and she thought it was the bee’s knees. She sat there, selecting what she wanted to eat first and let out some excited squeals when looking at the spread in front of her. Little silicone stoppers on the base of the plate stopped it from sliding off the high chair tray. It’s also microwaveable.

The picnic snack cup set consists of a mug cup with two handles and a silicone lid with slits in the top to allow bub to reach in and grab a snack while the lid holds in the remaining contents. It’s had such a workout when I’ve taken Millie out. She Ioves thinking she is in control of her food and it’s saved so much from falling on the floor and being wasted.


The natural products are microwaveable but are not dishwasher friendly, however. But this hasn’t been a hassle for me, the smooth edges clean up easily and quickly in soapy water.

Possibly the item that is by far the flavour of the month is the Mother’s Corn bubble set. I’d seen these stocked in some of my fave kids’ stores and gave it a go immediately.

Suitable for ages 3 and up, it was left to me to do the bubble blowing while Millie waited for the result. I can’t pretend I didn’t love it. This non-toxic blower makes a LOT of bubbles. It’s brilliant. Millie was overjoyed. Pure wonderment.


The bubble liquid is made from cellulose (extracted from trees and used in ice-cream and bread) and the bubbles last long enough to land and sit on your finger.

Millie is going to go bananas when she’s old enough to use the blower. Just watching the bubbles float through the air garnered a ‘hip, hip, hooray’ clapping frenzy.

Mother’s Corn products are exclusively distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Kidsberry.

For details, visit the Mother’s Corn web page or follow on www.facebook.com/MotherscornAUS

* This is a sponsored post

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