It’s often one of the first brands mums seek out for their newborns because of the soft tones, sweet prints and organic cotton softness. The label’s rapid rise in popularity (Prince George had Sapling in his newborn wardrobe!) is due to the hard work and beautiful, approachable nature of designer and owner Peta Stinson.

How long has Sapling Child been making bubs look (even more) adorable? We are about to celebrate our third year of being in this amazing business.

Millie in the El Gato dress (sizes 6-12m – 5 years)

What did you do before Sapling Child? I was a designer for a resort wear label.

Tell us a little bit about your design process… It always starts with an idea. Usually I look to nature, the beauty of what I see around me I always find inspiring.

Millie in the Flamingo Vine Lace Bodysuit (sold out)

What is the Sapling ‘style’? Definitely a softer, more classic palette, but clothes that you can literally wash, wear, wash, wear over and over. We want our clothes to be the favourite, good looking pieces that kids can muck around in, dirty up and then just easy wash and done.

Millie has been wearing Sapling since she was teeny (in the sold out Bird In Tree Lace Bodysuit)

Do you have a favourite item or print? Hmm…I love the birds, our first print ever. I guess it’s a bit sentimental to me. That being said, my tastes are always evolving! Our upcoming season is amazing, I think they’ll be my new faves!

I’ve found the long sleeve Sapling bodysuits to be the perfect thickness for winter layers

You’ve collaborated with celebrity mums Jessica Alba & Jaime King for some new collections. How do Jessica & Jaime fit with your brand’s ethos? Jessica Alba has been an advocate for healthy, unprocessed, chemical free living for a long time, so the synergy was a very, very natural progression.
Jaime King is probably more in line with us emotionally, in the sense that she is such a loving, caring woman. She truly cares about doing good for others, about making organics accessible to everyone.

You support an orphange in India. How has Sapling’s help made a difference to those children? We make a difference (and by we, I mean it’s really the people who buy our brand that allows us to pursue our social goals and dreams) by supporting whatever it is that is needed at the time. Whether that be roofing, bedding, school support etc.
Our collaboration with Jessica Alba has allowed us to purchase a new generator for the orphanage. We are now aiming towards a new kitchen. I’ll have lots more info coming out about this soon.

Sweet printed apparel in 100% organic cotton is Sapling’s signature

Your Instagram feed is full of beautiful images of children all over the world wearing Sapling. Has social media changed the way your brand is advertised? I’m not sure if it’s changed the way we advertise (as we don’t advertise), but it certainly has changed the way we do things.
Having access to thousands of our brand’s greatest supporters has been amazing. I can literally ask people what fabrics they like, what colours they like, what styles they like, and they give us great feedback! Our followers really do shape our brand and the direction in which we are heading.

Sapling Child = happy baby and happy mumma!

What’s next for Sapling Child? You’ll have to tune in to see!

Where do you hope to see Sapling Child in 5 years? We’re hoping to have a dedicated social goodness person in house, grow our team, and continue to do what we love.

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