As predictable as it might be, the first song I taught Millie was Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

I was so pleased when it was the song that kick-started the Magical Music class at Habitots in Albert Park today.

Groove is in the heart…

We did a trial class (regular classes start February 2) and Millie was entranced from the get-go.

After twinkling, peek-a-booing and rowing her boat, she sat on my knee while watching the class instructor Rebecca play a tune she’d written the night before – especially for the class. It was the sweetest little song (I wish I could remember it so I could keep singing it to Millie at home!).

Fabric to swoosh around while joining in the chorus was a great way for the tots to find their rhythm. Millie, at 18 months, understood a lot more of the instructions than I thought she would and was dancing and copying the movements of the kids that were older. This particular class is geared to bubs 6 months to 2 years, but older children are welcome, especially if they want to accompany younger siblings.

Habitots has a cute shop front and cafe (with a great open space to sit out the back while your little one runs amok in the sandpit or cubby) with a dedicated craft room and music space.

Habitots has an outdoor area with sandpit, cubby and lots of space for parents to sit

Music classes, art workshops, creative play, kids yoga and a paddock to plate cooking class are some of the 23 classes run at the venue each week.

I’m thinking Millie will enjoy going to Magical Music regularly and I’ll give her a go in Messy Me, where 1-2 year olds can play with paint in a “tactical, sensory-filled art class”.

Class schedules and term fees are listed on the Habitots website.

Habitots is open 7 days a week at 146 Bridport St, Albert Park.

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