Month: March 2015

Hippity hoppity, your Easter gift hunt stops here

There’s been a bit of a lapse in my excitement levels at Easter for many years now (mostly due to the fact journalists have to work over the long weekend – the news doesn’t stop, people!)

It’s brilliant when you’re a kid and do Easter egg hunts. But once you’re old enough to buy choccy when you please it’s not quite as thrilling.

But fast-forward a few years and I’m on maternity leave, Millie is 19 months and full of wonder and I’m getting ready for a happy Easter. The thrill is back!


Feeding time at the zoo

Mess. Lots of it.

It’s just the way it is at meal times with a toddler.

Millie’s at a stage where she no longer lets me shovel food into her mouth but instead wants to have her own utensils to do it herself. But there’s a small problem… she can’t quite do it herself. But she’ll get there.

So we’ve given some of the Closer to Nature products a whirl and it’s making things a lot easier for both Millie (19 months) and I.