This household is a matchy-matchy Ray-Ban family.

Unlike her parents, who saved their pennies to buy the latest sunnies at an airport duty-free, Millie can peer through super cool Ray-Ban Junior aviators before she even knows what money is.

Ray-Ban makes good looking glasses. But pop them on the face of a tiny tot and they look ten times better.

I’m sure Harper Beckham has a pair. Suri Cruise? Probably has a drawer full of them. Shiloh Jolie-Pitt? Uh-huh, no doubt. Flynn Bloom FOR SHIZZLE.

I can’t help but look at Millie in her mirrored lenses and think I’m following around the latest child star.

My future’s so bright, I just gotta wear shades…


Too cool for (play) school


Hey, baby

Who knew children could have funky frames too and not be forced to wear the flimsy, plastic cheapies from the chemist?

This Ray-Ban Junior style is unisex, lightweight and has a lens category rating of 3 (high sunglare and UV protection).

Ray-Ban Junior aviators are just like the adult sized version

They are still a teensy too big for Millie’s little face, but she is growing fast. Next summer I think they will be perfect.

I have a child who is happy to wear hats and luckily the same goes for sunnies. Once I put them on, that’s where they stay. Millie wore her new glasses for the first time on a return pram trip to our local shopping strip and back without a fuss (I think she forgot about them).

The sunglasses prevented her squinting and turning her head every time we emerged from the tree canopy and into the sunshine.

At $59.95, you won’t want a child who pulls them off and throws them to the ground, so they would be ideal for a cool cucumber little fashionista (or mister) or a child out of the temperamental toddler stage.

Ray-Ban Junior is available at OPSM

*MillieMummyMelbourne was sent a pair of Ray-Ban Junior aviators for the purposes of a review

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