From the moment Millie’s sharp little eyes spotted the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel from the window of the car, her legs started a kicking frenzy.

She does that when she’s excited (it turns into a happy stomp when she’s standing up).

I was excited too. For Christmas 2008 I received a gift voucher to ride the Southern Star from an aunty – I had to cash in my voucher soon after when the wheel closed due to faults caused by extreme heat.

Last week I finally got to see the views for myself as a guest of the Melbourne Star, hubby and Millie in tow.

Operating without a hiccup since December 2013, the Star is a grand 120m and one of only three giant observation wheels in the world.

The Melbourne Star


The view from the Melbourne Star is spectacular

It takes 30 minutes for the Wheel to complete a full rotation – a perfect length of time to soak in the view in all directions and not too long that the novelty wears off for little kids.

Most Melbourne residents have gazed at our city from one of two observation decks, but the Star allowed a different perspective from its Docklands base. I’d never seen my home city from this orientation before, but I liked what I saw.

Read more about the Melbourne Star’s Mother’s Day offer here

The glass cabins are air-conditioned and standing up and walking around is encouraged. There’s a bench seat in the centre of each so you can sit and enjoy the ride if you prefer.

I can safely say Millie hasn’t developed a fear of heights and enjoyed pressing her face right up to the glass and peering at the many sights way, way down below.

Millie enjoying her flight on the Melbourne Star


Admiring the impressive scale of the Docklands’ Costco

It was a very entertaining family activity – I’d love to take Millie back on when she’s older and she can play ‘spotto’ looking for the landmarks listed on the illustrated guide handed to us as we stepped on board.

At night LED lights glow from the wheel and night flights are popular (the last flight is at 9.30pm).

We visited at about 2pm on a Saturday and the queue moved quickly – we also had the entire cabin to ourselves.

Adult flights are $32, children are $19 (children up to 4 years ride free). Family tickets (2 adults, 2 children) are $82.

If you visit the Melbourne Star on Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 10, and buy one full priced single admission adult or child ticket, or purchase a family ticket combination, mum receives her flight for free. Conditions apply, please visit the website for more information.

*MillieMummyMelbourne enjoyed a family day flight as guests of the Melbourne Star

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