Month: July 2015

Wild about a whimsical world of style

The Wild Collective hopes to set a new benchmark for large-scale shopping events – and the annual fair is about to land in Melbourne.

The premier event will showcase stalls from leading international and local designers and contain individual spaces to entertain every member of your tribe.

That’s right – while you shop, Dad can relax in the pop-up pub. Or the whole family can fill up at the Eatery and then parents can join their children in the Kids Zone to mix up the day.

More than 120 leading designers will bring their shop to the fair, the handpicked vendors offering homewares, fashion, food and everything in between.



Absolutely mum’s best household friend

Tiny Teddies, dust, dried apple, fluff, yoghurt buttons, dirt, stickers, hair, glitter, a mini pom pom and sultanas.

All of this and more was sucked out of my car and shot into the clear chamber of a Dyson V6 Absolute.

I hadn’t given my car a proper vacuum since Millie was born and I shuddered when I looked at the crud that came out of my vehicle. But at the same time I’ve never felt more satisfied.