A spotty yellow pouch arrived in the mail for Millie that had her skipping outside faster than you can say busy bee.


The new Honey & Co Club shared with us its first ever kit – with a spring theme – as part of a monthly subscription service to deliver a parcel of fun to your child and encourage their creativity.

In a lovely little screenprinted pouch was flower seeds, plant pots, magic dirt, toddler gardening gloves, instructions, a magnifying glass, whirly windmill, hand and body wash, a colouring-in picture and a postcard.

The monthly kits are delivered by post and addressed to your child, with a new surprise theme and contents each month.


Millie enjoyed getting her hands dirty and helping to plant some spring flowers in the great outdoors. Her little pots are just starting to sprout and checking the progress of her tiny potted garden is the first thing she wants to do when she wakes each morning.

She LOVES watching the whirly windmill we’ve fixed to our fence and helps water the garden on hot days wearing her toddler-sized cotton gardening gloves. The kit has really encouraged her to join us outside and ‘help’.

Created by Lou, Melbourne mum to Audrey Mae and a Labrador Honey, the Honey & Co Club was started because of Lou’s fond memories of collecting handfuls of Christmas cards from the letterbox each December.

“Being allowed to open these was such a thrill. As a new mum and sitting on the front porch with my nearly one-year-old and our family pet dog, I watched as my daughter played with the mailbox. As months went on, the thrill she got when something was in there, even the local takeaway pamphlet!” she says.

“I got to thinking, I would love for her to receive mail the old-fashioned way as she grew older.”


The kits are sent in the first week of each month and are available for ages 0-3 or 3-5. Subscriptions to the Honey & Co Club start at $29 with free shipping.

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  1. Thank you Milliemummymelbourne! This was such a lovely read and quite a fab surprise this morning. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos, just gorgeous as always x

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