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Fill their tummies, but not the land

Peppa Pig knows what’s what.

Recycle, recycle we’re going to recycle! Tin cans, bottles, newspapers…

But how about the fruit pouches and their plastic lids? Snack wrappers? In this household we’d go through at least a couple of pouches every day (both kids love them). I dread throwing out the packaging. We try so hard to recycle all we can but because kerbside recycling collections don’t accept them, it all ends up in the rubbish bin. Not anymore.


Good night, sleep tight (hope the fleas don’t bite)


Worrying about your waters breaking in bed and ruining your mattress is a common concern for mums-to-be. When I was pregnant with Millie, I went out and bought a mattress protector, just in case. We had a cotton quilted one on there already, but it wasn’t waterproof. So this baby-related purchase was very much worth the money for the peace of mind.


Fun for a fiver (or less)


School holidays are drawing to a close which means thousands of Aussie preppies are about to walk through the school gates for the first time. All the memories of a summer at home or away will soon make way for new experiences.

But what about the mums and dads who will still have their little sidekicks for another year or two? The mighty fine weather will continue long after this week and there’s still lots of fun to be had.


An endless summer? Yes please!


Summer holidays are fun. But like all the fun things in life, they never last long.

Everyone is now in a frantic ‘back to school’ mode and missing out on this glorious sunshine by trawling through shops looking for the perfect pencil case or pair of regulation shoes.

I’m still lucky enough to have both my babes home with me this year – Millie will attend 3yo kinder but only for a few hours each week – and so I can enjoy the rest of January the way it should be enjoyed: having fun while footloose and fancy-free in the sunshine.


Winner winner, delivered dinner

When it comes to the end of the day, my issue is not that I have to cook. It’s what the hell am I going to cook? It’s a battle for me every day. I’m either all out of inspiration or have a nice recipe in front of me that requires a lot of time to prep and/or I’m missing a major ingredient.

So when we were offered the chance to try Dinner Sorted, I jumped at the chance.

The Melbourne-based business, run by mums Anna and Karin, delivers a bag of fresh and healthy ingredients and the corresponding recipes to make four dinners.


Family wunderland at South Wharf

You don’t have to get yourself twisted into a pretzel worrying about a dining venue that will appease both adults and kids.

Munich Brauhaus at South Wharf has started a Sunday Family Fun Day, with a children’s entertainer ready to keep the kiddos amused from 12.30pm with games, face painting and colouring in all going on in a designated play room.

Millie had a flower painted on her hand by Cinderella


Be a star and treat mum to a wheely good time

From the moment Millie’s sharp little eyes spotted the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel from the window of the car, her legs started a kicking frenzy.

She does that when she’s excited (it turns into a happy stomp when she’s standing up).

I was excited too. For Christmas 2008 I received a gift voucher to ride the Southern Star from an aunty – I had to cash in my voucher soon after when the wheel closed due to faults caused by extreme heat.

Last week I finally got to see the views for myself as a guest of the Melbourne Star, hubby and Millie in tow.