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On the ‘mono’ rail or riding a rainbow of colour?

As soon as Millie entered the world, she became my Little Miss Pink.

Pale pink swaddles, pink printed onesies, musk baby moccs and pastel pink dresses. I love pink on baby girls.

But as she has grown (*sob*), I’ve embraced a rainbow of colours and also the monochrome trend that’s so popular with many children’s labels right now.

Her drawers are still filled with splashes of pink, but now sit alongside a mix of brights and stylish black, grey and white.

Below is a pick of some of Millie’s favourite labels and the pieces that scream ‘colour me happy!’ or best show off monochromatic magnificence.


Local Label Love: Little Wild Things T

It’s a new Melbourne fashion brand for kids with designer prints and styles mixing up a wardrobe basic. But Little Wild Things T is anything but simple.

Label: Little Wild Things T

Where are you based? Hawthorn, Melbourne, Australia

What’s your background? Jacqui, a mother of three (4yo boy and almost 2yo twin girls) worked for 8 years as a senior buyer and designer for Myer’s Miss Shop then for Forever New. Charlotte – who has being a mum on her ‘to do list’ but for now is an unreal aunty – started her career working for Burberry in London and then became a senior buyer for Sportsgirl for over seven years. We are not just friends but also sister-in-laws, we live next door to each and both have our fashion backgrounds so having a label together happened quite naturally.

Millie wears a Little Wild Things Cat Girl tee, sizes 1-6, $24.95


Local Label Love: Hubble + Duke

Leather moccs, linen smocks – it’s no accident that Freo-based Hubble + Duke label is worn by the most stylish tots around the world. The beautifully made moccasins, printed socks, accessories and clothing for babies and children has online shoppers eagerly awaiting each release and continually coming back for more.

Name and label? Rosie Flynn & Jo Hankin from HUBBLE + DUKE

What were you doing before starting Hubble + Duke? We started when our youngest bubs had just turned 1 year, Rosie is also an interior designer/architect and Jo has a degree in marketing, we had all mainly been stay-at-home mums for 6-7 years though!

Millie wearing a Hubble + Duke pinafore dress and gold bow Mary-Jane moccasins


Local Label Love: Acorn Kids

Hats off to Acorn Kids. For most of Millie’s young life her little head has been kept warm and cosy or cool and shaded – all while looking incredibly cute in an Acorn hat. Beautiful merino beanies or bright, reversible sunhats are adorning the heads of kiddies all over the country. We chat to the Melbourne mum behind the label.

Acorn SS14 Lily Sunhat and Florin Sunhat
Acorn SS14 Lily Sunhat and Florin Sunhat


Local Label Love: KaPow Kids

Bam! Kapow! Do you love poptastic prints, monochrome or so-hot-right-now slogan tees for children that pack a punch? Good-o! Read on to discover where to find some affordable and funky threads for kids that are made right here in Melbourne.

Bat Crazy Softie, Wild Child T-shirt, Neon Pink Triangle Leggings & Headband

️Who: Andrea Goulding, KaPow Kids

️Where are you based? Carlton North, Melbourne, Australia

️When was KaPow Kids established? July 2013

️Why did you decide to create a children’s clothing label? It started as a hobby because I was a bit bored on my days off from my part-time job as an architect. I needed a creative outlet on my days home with Flynn (now 3 years old), so started an Etsy shop selling appliqué tees and onesies for babies.

Rock And/Or Roll T-Shirt & Birds In Flight Leggings

️KaPow has printed clothing and dribs (dribble bibs) in funky easy-to-wear shapes just perfect for busy kiddies. Where do you find your inspiration? Most of it is just in my head. KaPow reflects my own style and love of quirky prints. But I do find inspiration everywhere I look. I’m always on the lookout for cool prints and constantly searching for different and unusual fabrics. Pinterest and Instagram are great for sourcing ideas.

KaPow Kids clothing is handmade in Melbourne

️There’s a lot of market competition, how do you keep ahead of the pack? When I first stared a year ago, there wasnt too much competition, but I’ve noticed one year on there seems to be lots of little cool handmade labels popping up every day – which can be quite scary. I hope that the name and the brand is strong enough to withstand all the new competition. We are constantly bringing out new things which I think helps. I am always learning and trying to improve things, and also working on creating more of my own fabric designs.

Golden Hero T-shirt & Thunderstruck Drib

️Is it possible to have a work/life balance? I’m so glad that through doing KaPow, I can work from home. It makes it so much easier to look after Flynn. But having your own business means you are pretty much constantly working, which can be a little stressful, but luckily I love my job.

Rainbow Connection Leggings & Headband worn with the Rock And/Or Roll T-shirt, Wild Child T-shirt with Fox Harem Shorts & Drib

️Best piece of business advice you’ve received? To be honest I haven’t had anyone really give me any business advice yet! I welcome any advice though, as sometimes I seriously am just winging it!

️How has Instagram changed the way you advertise your brand? I am addicted to Instagram, it’s the perfect platform for me to engage with followers and fellow makers. I really hope now that Facebook has taken over Instagram (Facebook is Instagram’s parent company) that they don’t make it difficult to showcase your brand to followers, like what’s happened to Facebook.

️Favourite KaPow item? How do you like to see it worn? I am loving the girly prints at the moment, especially the fabrics that have a touch of neon in them, like the ice-cream and watermelon prints, they have been so popular.

Ice Cream Shorties & Drib with Wild Child T-shirt

️What’s next for KaPow? I’m trying to work on the winter range now, sourcing some cute fleecy fabric for harem trackies and hooded vests, slouch hats and snoods (scarves). Some prints include penguins, deers and huge stars.

Shop KaPow Kids online here
KaPow Kids is also on Instagram & Facebook

All photos by Fi Mims Photography

*Millie features in the recent KaPow Kids photo shoot

Local Label Love: Peggy

I’m not one to wish my life away.

But there’s a beautiful Australian brand for little girls that makes me wish the months for sunshine and fun in the great outdoors would hurry up already.

It’s Peggy.

Peggy Summer 14
Peggy Summer 14

It’s the brand that I would be happy to dress Millie in forever.

The Melbourne designer – who named the label after her grandmother – says her designs are a nod to ‘old-fashioned whimsicality’.

Del Ray Bunny Bodysuit
Del Ray Bunny Bodysuit

Every piece is dainty and pretty but with a contemporary twist. It’s perfect.

The brand new summer range has beautiful printed dresses, pants, bloomers and hats in light fabrics that can easily be mixed and matched to transform your girl’s style from vintage and fresh to bold and quirky boho.

Cassy Nappy Cover and matching bonnet
Cassy Nappy Cover and matching bonnet

There’s dip dye singlets, soft pastel prints, liberty florals and red and blue cross stitches. Limited-edition rompers are highlighted with gingham bows.

Anais Bodysuit
Anais Bodysuit

The Peggy summer range is full of cotton dresses, kaftans, harem pants, rompers, nappy covers, playsuits and summer hats.

This season’s range introduces jewellery, headdresses and dream catchers to the mix too.

Millie’s pick? Honestly, we can’t choose just one piece. She wore the colourful Edie Playsuit ($39.95) to a 1st birthday party on the weekend with the matching Mika orange floral sunhat ($34.95) and was cute and comfortable. The tie and toggle on the hat meant it stayed on her head and the frill and button detail on the playsuit was prettily perfect for a party outfit.

Millie is perfect in Peggy

The Isla Bodysuit ($44.95) is another must-have along with the very cool hippy red Pacific Pants ($54.95) and ALL the dresses (some with dainty details of ties, puffed sleeves, shirring, tiers or full skirts), which are so easily dressed up for special occasions or worn for floaty fun in the park.

Peggy Summer 14

The pieces range in size from babies to six years. But it brings me to a new (albeit far off) dilemma: just what will Millie wear when she’s 7?

Peggy is available online and in boutiques Australia-wide.

Local Label Love: Hello Toes

Hello Toes – socks and tights for little feet

Socking it to them: It’s a fact that Australia harbours many creative and inspiring new businesses making their mark alongside the mega brands – and it’s no more evident than in the baby and kids market. I kick off my regular Local Label Love feature posts with the bold and bright Hello Toes.

Who: Daniela from Hello Toes, socks and tights for little feet

Where are you based? Seddon, in the western suburbs of Melbourne

When was Hello Toes established? Research and development began in 2011, with the first range sold to retailers in 2012 and delivered into store in February 2013, one week before I delivered my second child.

Why did you decide to create a children’s sock label?  When my son Otis was born I struggled to find socks that weren’t very gender stereotyped, in either blue or pink with an apparently mandatory car or fairy on them. I could find plenty of great clothing for him to have fun in, but socks seemed to be stuck in the ‘basic’ category. I thought socks could be one of the most colourful and interesting item kids could wear, especially since most of the time they tend to be hidden in shoes and under pants – so they are like a little fun secret or surprise. My background is also in marketing, not design, so I thought socks would be a way I could enter into the market whilst leaving all the clothing to the experts!

Hello Toes has all colours and sock styles covered, just perfect for littlies. Where do you find your inspiration?  I find inspiration pretty much everywhere and always have my eyes peeled for interesting colours put together in surprising ways. Children’s book illustrations, paint swatches, Duplo blocks, my collection of Strawberry Shortcake dolls and magazines from the ’80s, my favourite contemporary artists, great stationery…so many ideas!

HelloToes2013-07-08_0154 (2)
Hello Toes socks have “interesting colours put together in surprising ways”

There’s a lot of market competition, how do you keep ahead of the pack?  I try to keep my vision and product unique and stay true to what I like versus what I think ‘the consumer’ will want, which is a luxury many of my large competitors would not be able to afford. Most of the time the market likes the same things anyway which is always encouraging! I like the quote: “A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms”; it reminds me to just do my own thing without comparing myself to others and with that I will (hopefully!) succeed.

Is it possible to have a work/life balance?  It’s a constant juggle and not possible without the help of your village of support. As my children are still young I always put life first so sometimes work suffers, but I would always prefer this than the other way around.

Best piece of business advice you’ve received?  If you don’t love it, don’t do it.

Biggie Smalls Sneaky Socks

Savvy businesses have Instagram accounts these days. How has Instagram changed the way you advertise your brand?  It has introduced Hello Toes to an entire community that I don’t think you can reach via traditional advertising. It’s like a friend telling their friends about something they like and therefore is a very trusted, supportive and encouraging network. Even with my background in marketing I do not use Instagram as a heavy brand push as I’d much rather just show a glimpse or literal snap shot into my little world and hope people enjoy it. I love seeing behind the scenes, which is something you just do not get from an advertisement.

Legs 11 Knee High Socks

Hello Toes has made socks fashionable, not just functional – so what’s your favourite pair and how do you like to see them worn?  That’s such a great compliment, my dream come true!  Choosing a favourite pair would be like choosing a favourite child…but I do have one pair that I seem to put my daughter Pearl in constantly and just seems to go with everything, which is the Legs 11 knee high. It looks fantastic pulled up high with a bit of juicy baby knee, but also is super practical under pants as they keep legs extra warm and can’t get pulled off easily.

Find Hello Toes on the web

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Hello Toes on Instagram