Summer’s almost gone, so there’s something odd to be wearing thongs from this point on. Leave the flip-flops for kicking off at the beach or public pool, I say.

The hot weather is still coming at us though, so what’s a mum and her little girl to wear on their tootsies when it’s mighty fine outside and you just want some mighty fine footwear to match?

Mum and daughter dressing at its best

Let me introduce you to Alohas sandals.

Alohas are traditional Spanish handmade leather sandals with a sustainable rubber sole and are durable, comfortable and stylish.

I have a pair of the shiny High Society rose gold Alohas and Millie has the versatile little Keikis – a teeny velcro version for toddlers and children.

Not my legs. PIC: Alohas

We have both worn our Alohas EVERYWHERE. With shorts to the beach, with dresses while out for dinner or to parties. We are twinning, but it’s not in-your-face matchy-matchy, just a chic and cute way to wear similar styles of funky footwear. We love them (Millie insists on wearing hers when I have mine on) and I love that we can still be comfortable while looking so fashionably elegant (thongs be gone!).

Millie rocking the navy Keikis

The Keiki kids sandals come in navy or pink and the women’s style comes in a range of matt or shiny finishes, including silver, gold, rose gold, mint, pink and navy with the staples including black, tan, white or leopard.

Green with envy? PIC: Alohas

The team behind Alohas made an effort to create a sandal that is sustainable with the environment, helps to boost the Spanish economy, gives a little glimpse of Spanish culture and is fun to wear. They’ve nailed it.

Shop online at Alohas Australia and follow along on Instagram or Facebook.

Alohas for the win

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