With our second baby on the way – soon! – I’ve gone into full nesting mode. I’m fluttering around getting everything ready for this baby’s arrival. Funnily enough, I’ve got most of the baby essentials already and it’s Millie who needs an upgrade on some very important items so bubba can move in.

The pram, the cot and the car seat will soon belong to the newest member of our family and that means Millie gets some new surprises. She’s successfully moved into her ‘big girl bed’ and a new, larger Britax car seat.

Car travels with Millie safe and sound

We’re always in the car and on the go – weekend road trips and family visits to all corners of Melbourne – so it was especially important to us to find a car seat that was as comfortable as it was safe.

The Britax Safe-n-Sound Maxi Guard SICT was our find for Millie, because it is sturdy and secure. We brought Millie home from the hospital in the Britax Safe-n-Sound Compaq MKII and have never doubted the brand’s safety credentials so were keen to have another Britax seat for the next phase of our family’s car travels.

The forward-facing Maxi Guard car seat is suitable for children six months to eight years of age, so Millie, two-and-a-half, will be in this seat for many years.

The Safe-n-Sound Maxi Guard SICT harnessed car seat by Britax

It has an in-built hassle free harness appropriate for growing children and features Side Impact Cushion Technology (SICT™) for both dual-layer head and torso protection in the event of a side impact collision. The Active Head Restraint (AHR™) feature has been designed to contain and protect the child’s head in a side impact crash with deeper side wings to shield and contain.

Millie and Peppa having a comfy ride in the Britax Safe-n-Sound Maxi Guard SICT harnessed car seat

Cushioned seat inserts and shoulder pads make for a comfy ride and little arm rests can be lowered for weary little arms – Millie is particularly fond of this nifty feature!

Millie has always been a good car snoozer so I was a little worried that the new, more upright seat would mean she would no longer sleep during our drives. I shouldn’t have worried. There are two recline positions and the cosy and supportive shape means she still has no problem drifting off to sleep.

Sleeping on the go

The EZ buckle system keeps the buckles in a forward-facing position and makes it not only difficult to get them twisted, but makes getting a wriggly toddler into the car much, much easier.

It was easy to adjust the buckles and the height of the headrest – a push of a button or a pull on a hook was it took to get the perfect fit for Millie’s size.

Installation was a breeze – my husband installed the seat in no time. Easy-to-follow instructions are included and it makes it all quite simple.

I’m really happy with this car seat. Millie is secure and comfortable and the safety features mean I have one less worry knowing my little girl has the best possible protection while we’re on the road.

More information about the Britax Safe-n-Sound Maxi Guard SICT harnessed car seat can be found on the Britax website. A list of local retailers can be found here

*MillieMummyMelbourne was gifted a Britax Safe-n-Sound Maxi Guard SICT car seat to try out for the purposes of a review




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