There’s nothing swift at all about deciding on a pram once you find out you’re expecting.

There’s hundreds out there, all looking snazzy and user-friendly, but it’s not until you get them home and pop bub in it you realise it may not be as compact/comfortable/easy to push as you thought when wheeling around a doll inside a shop.

I’m a writer for parenting website Babyology and was invited to road test the new Mountain Buggy Swift with some other mummy bloggers. With baby number two almost here, I couldn’t wait to try it out and get used to how it manoeuvred and folded before our baby’s arrival.

You can never quite plan what happens during pregnancy and birth and our little man, baby Finn, didn’t wait patiently on the inside, arriving days before our beautiful new gold and black pram.

But, as I found out, every feature on the Mountain Buggy Swift is simple, practical and very easy to operate. So I didn’t get any pram practise in before our baby was born, but I didn’t need to. The Swift was ready to go.

It makes life with a newborn so easy – especially after just arriving home from hospital after a c-section. There’s no fiddling or tricky folds, just a simple button push and the Swift packs up. Can be done with one hand (which is ideal because mums always have their hands full). It’s light and compact and fits nicely in the back of the car.

The Swift looks (and is) very streamlined yet doesn’t compromise on space for your child. Millie, nearly three and almost 15kg, happily sat in the full-sized seat with room to spare. The compact buggy size and the ease in which it can be pushed – despite carrying a heavy toddler – surprisingly took very little effort.

I love that the seat can recline fully, enabling the family to remain out and about while our youngest sleeps. It will be especially handy for travel when getting the baby to a bed is not as easy. The lie-flat mode is great feature not often found in prams once your baby grows out of the carrycot/bassinet, yet will be used often by us.

This pram will grow with my baby. By sitting Millie in it I can see it is big enough for a three-year-old, but at the moment our little guy is cosy in the Carrycot plus, shielded from the wind and sun. I can tilt the carrycot slightly if bub is suffering from reflux too, making it a much more enjoyable ride for him.

When Finn is a little older he will be comfy riding in the parent-facing seat, able to see the world around him while feeling secure because he can still see me while I push.

Being able to effortlessly fold the Swift and have it in a compact, standing positon ready to put into the car was invaluable. The frame locks into place meaning the pram doesn’t swing open when lifting it and is ready and in position for when you use it next.

The Swift’s width and the front swivel wheel made it very easy to master the supermarket aisles. I didn’t feel like I was in anyone’s way and could easily push it around boxes and other shoppers with one hand with the other used to hold on to my toddler.

It remained a smooth ride on all surfaces. Finn didn’t stir while pushing the buggy across gravel, cobblestones or grass and was easy to pop up the front wheel onto kerbs while negotiating footpaths and road crossings near my home.

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