I have a three-year-old and a baby. My hands are always full. There’s really no way out of that when you have a bubba unless they are content to have a big snooze in their cot during the day. And mine doesn’t.

When our Chibebe Snuggle Pod delivery arrived, I couldn’t open it to try it out quick enough. After filling with beans – into a kid-proof inner bag – we were quite literally ready to rock and roll.

As a newborn, Finn’s Chibebe Snuggle Pod came with a baby seat topper which is fitted with a safety harness and some extras that can be purchased separately – a Pod Rocker and a cosy Pod Warmer.

The rocker is placed under the baby’s Snuggle Pod and allows for easy rocking to help calm and soothe. The warmer, a must for this weather, is a zip-on blanket to keep bub snuggly while lounging.

Happy little man in his Snuggle Pod

Both additions were necessary for keeping Finn calm and comfortable and meant for happy lounging and a soft perch for napping or watching his sister tear around the house.

The Snuggle Pod allows your baby to be cradled and supported and its shape can help prevent reflux.

Millie’s pod came with the zip-on toddler seat and she has already decided it’s her reading chair when not using it to watch ABC for Kids.

Lounge lizards in their Chibebe Snuggle Pods

Being able to put Finn in his Snuggle Pod meant he was much safer than if I had placed him on the floor where we run the risk of him being trampled by an excited toddler. Giving him a gentle rock every now and then meant he was content for a lot longer too – and the best bit? My baby is happy and my hands are free!

The kids are happy, mum’s hands are free!

Finn will be able to continue to use his pod as a bean bag chair long after I’ve removed the detachable harness seat and zipped on the toddler topper (it will then match his sister’s Snuggle Pod).

The machine washable outer fabric can be selected to match your decor and the pod is so lightweight and easy to move when you want it somewhere else around the house. If I’m folding the washing, Finn happily sits in his pod and watches me. Having a shower? He’ll snooze in his pod in the bathroom while I do. I even place his pod in front of the window and he’ll gaze at the leaves dancing on the trees outside (I’d forgotten how much babies love to watch the trees!)

Sleeping in the Snuggle Pod
Sleeping in the Snuggle Pod

The pods arrived unfilled for easy postage, but bags of beans are readily available at shops like Kmart, Target and Clark Rubber. We paid about $12 for a 100L bag.

The pods have been laboratory tested for safety and to meet the strictest standards for use by babies from newborn age.

It’s a nifty and practical product that my children love. And now that I’ve got my hands free and can finally get things done around the house, I love it too.

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