There comes a time – and it will creep up on you ever so quickly – when your child will want to emulate their heroes. Character pyjamas will become the norm at bedtime as little superheroes jump on to cushions or whoosh past you on their way to save somebody in distress.

Witnessing little imaginations take hold is really one of the sweetest things about watching your child grow. Being able to pretend, without consequences and without limits, is what being a kid is all about.


So this mumma was very happy to see an adorable range of DC Comics Super Hero apparel and sleepwear arrive in store at Best & Less. Allowing Millie to wear her Batgirl nappy cover as she raced around the house made me some kind of Wonder Woman in her eyes. When her baby brother also wore his own Batman nappy cover, her day was made. Two DC Super Heroes in the house!


Available now and for a limited time only, you can choose between the latest Batgirl and Batman rompers, PJ sets and nappy covers for the little DC Super Heroes in your life, in sizes 00-2.


The rompers and nappy covers have little capes attached with velcro on the back – every superhero needs a cape – and the jarmies are comfy and cool for children as they sleep.


MillieMummyMelbourne has partnered with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and Best & Less to give 10 readers the chance to win a DC Comics Super Hero prize pack. Each pack, valued at $100, contains a Batgirl romper with cape, Batman romper with cape, Batman PJ set, Batgirl PJ set, Batgirl nappy cover with cape and Batman nappy cover with cape, all in a size 1. Total prize pool is $1000.

Ready to save the day

For your chance to win, share a story of your own DC Super Hero baby by leaving a comment below and using a valid email address (email addresses will not be published). Winners will be chosen on Monday, September 26 at 6pm and notified via email.

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16 Comments on DC Comics x Best & Less babywear

  1. Jude is a social happy baby, his goal in life seems to be make as many friends as possible. I guess that is his super power, Everywhere we go he wins hearts and makes a new friend. The other day we went out for lunch, just the two of us, he spent every moment he had looking around trying to catch ppls eye, once he locked eyes with someone it was on, he would talk and smile until they came over and introduced themselves. Leaving with three new introductions that day and hardly any lunch eaten. ?

    • Thanks for your entry Carmen! What a delightful Super Hero baby Jude is!! Try to remember all these little things, time flies x

  2. Ava is my fearless little superhero-in training. Everyday she collects a new assortments of bruises in her quest to one day be the best superhero there is! Today she added a bump to her little blonde head doing some flying practice off the back stairs. Unfortunately without her superhero outfit and cape it didn’t go too well!

    • Oh Ava. Shakespeare comes to mind: “Though she be but little, she is fierce”. Hope the bump disappears quickly. Thanks for entering! x

  3. Bella was born at 28.5 wks, so in essence she was 3 months premature and only 620g. All the specialists said she only had an 85% chance of survival and even less a chance of surviving with no permanent disabilities. After just under 100 days in the NICU and 18 months down the line, our Bella is perfect in every single way! Walked at 13 months, putting on weight like any other child her corrected age and although small, due to her severe growth restriction, she is definitely fierce and extremely naughty and mischievous! It’s because of this Bella is and will always be our own personal Superhero! Xx

    • My goodness, Bella is the ultimate baby DC Super Hero! What a super star! I think children have an inner strength we didn’t know existed. Thanks for entering, I love a happy ending x

  4. Harvey is my little superhero! His pointer finger takes him everywhere he needs to go. When holding him his finger points to where he wants to go and he gets his way 90% of the time. Such a determined and fun loving boy I can’t wait to watch him gather more super powers!

    • What a clever little guy! Babies really do have their own superpowers, they’re so full of knowledge already. Thanks so much for entering and good luck! x

  5. My little superhero is only a month old but already in training to be a sidekick to her big brother and sister… well hopefully a superhero and not partner in crime!

  6. Super Ted to the rescue! Teddy’s my own personal superhero because no matter what, he always knows how to put a smile on his Mumma’s face. His superpower is teaching us a whole new meaning to life and to being a parent – and it’s the best.

  7. My super heroes are quickly becoming steadfast super hero friends – one is almost 3 and the other is 8 months old.. They share super hero qualities such as curiosity, resilience and cheekiness! Hopefully these qualities will serve them well in life..

  8. I have 3 little super heroes. My youngest is my biggest hero atm because he gave us a scare when he was born and again at only 4 weeks old but pulled through stronger than ever! His older brothers are the climbing variety of super hero. Lol.

    • Thanks for entering Sarah – so glad your youngest super hero is OK. They sure know how to keep us on our toes! x

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