Baby number two comes along and while most things can be passed down from an older sibling, there’s a dilemma if you have a single pram and your toddler still enjoys the ride. This was exactly the problem I had when Finn arrived because Millie was still very happy to sit back and be pushed around town in our pram.

It was something I grappled with in the months before my son arrived. Do I buy a new, bigger pram or try my luck with a toddler on the loose? It was so hard to decide that I didn’t end up buying anything – but immediately regretted it. Anything beyond a quick stroll to the local shops just became too hard. I just couldn’t manage to keep my hands on the pram and feel comfortable that I had a good grip on my daughter’s hand as well.

I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to try out the new phil&teds voyager, an inline pram that has room for both my baby and toddler. I can breathe a big sigh of relief when heading out, knowing they are safely strapped in and I can keep my eye on both children at once. Having that peace of mind means a nifty double pram like the voyager is absolutely worth every cent.

My baby can lie – and sleep – while completely flat, meaning he is still getting a comfortable rest while we are out and about. I was able to walk to my destination while bub drifted off to sleep, then parked the pram outside and took the carrycot with me once I arrived. He wasn’t disturbed and could remain close even in places without a lot of space and I had my arms free to eat or tend to my eldest child.

Meet you under the clocks! Millie and Finn in the phil&teds voyager

My daughter, three years old, is a tall girl but still has room to grow in her seat. She doesn’t look too big or awkward in the pram, despite her age, yet the seat itself doesn’t appear bulky. Cosy and relaxed, she often drifted off to sleep.

In the early days, you are your baby’s entire world. I love that my baby can face me, helping him to feel at ease when confronted with the strange sights and sounds of the great outdoors. With the toddler’s seat facing me, my daughter could chat to me and wasn’t left wondering what was happening if I had to stop and tend to the baby.

Hello in there Finn

Both sun hoods on the carrycot and the toddler seat well and truly came up and over the head and shoulders of my children, making it quite dark and encouraging lots of sleep. It was brilliant not having to rush home for nap times, with both kids having a snooze and allowing me to get things done! There’s a super-handy zipped pocket in the top hood, which held my phone, keys and coin purse within easy reach.

Train tripping in the phil&teds voyager

The cushioned feel of the air-free tyres made for a smooth ride on all surfaces without the worry of a puncture. Despite having two children on board, it was a cinch to pop the pram over kerbs or on and off the train. The handbrake is easy to operate with one hand and very accessible.

Millie was happy to be back in the pram

The parcel tray is the biggest I’ve seen on a pram. It holds my full-to-the-brim nappy bag, my handbag, blankets, drink bottles and toys with large side and front openings making it easy to grab what you need without having to lift off seats or bumping and disturbing your passengers.

The charcoal marle fabric colour is stylish and unisex, which suits both my daughter and son. It’s waterproof for protection if you’re caught far from home when the weather turns and quickly wipes clean in the case of spills.

Cosy in the carrycot on the phil&teds voyager

I’m really happy with this pram – being able to have both my children secure and transported in a slim buggy that doesn’t take up the entire footpath or supermarket aisle is clever. It’s easy to push, it’s modern and slick and it will adapt and grow as my children do. This pram will be used daily by our family for years to come.

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