Barbie is proving that she is much more than shiny hair, pink heels or Ken’s arm candy.

Barbie has 180 career options in the huge range of ever-popular dolls, inspiring little girls and boys that they too can be a vet, athlete, police officer, movie star or astronaut.

Millie the train driver

Millie, not at all influenced by gender stereotypes, pops on a pink tutu and often tells us she wants to be a train driver. Some days it’s a ballerina, others it’s a teacher, sometimes a “supermarket lady”. But we always end up coming back to train driver and I’m quietly chuffed. Surely her career choices will change over the years but I’ll encourage her and remind her that she can be whatever it is she wants to be.

Millie the librarian

Encouraging children to dream big, the new Barbie – You Can Be Anything campaign is giving one lucky child the chance to win a personalised $10,000 experience to help them achieve their dream.

Millie the swimming champion

The ‘you can be anything’ philosophy is demonstrated by three Aussie kids who challenge stereotypes and push the boundaries despite their youth.

There’s Quincy, ‘The Flying Squirrel’, an 8-year-old fearless surfing champion who rides waves twice her size; Cael, a schoolboy humanitarian who has raised $10,000 for charity and YouTube star Grace, who has 54 million views on her video series with Barbie.

Millie the barista

If your child has a dream, enter the comp for the chance to win $10,000 to make it happen. I’m wondering if there’s a train driving school for three-year-olds?

The Barbie – You Can Be Anything competition is open until 23:59 hours AEST on Saturday, October 22, 2016.

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