Summer holidays are fun. But like all the fun things in life, they never last long.

Everyone is now in a frantic ‘back to school’ mode and missing out on this glorious sunshine by trawling through shops looking for the perfect pencil case or pair of regulation shoes.

I’m still lucky enough to have both my babes home with me this year – Millie will attend 3yo kinder but only for a few hours each week – and so I can enjoy the rest of January the way it should be enjoyed: having fun while footloose and fancy-free in the sunshine.

I don’t need much convincing, but I’ve just read the 5 reasons why fun is good for you post on the Carnival Cruise Tips Blog and it’s just reminded me to appreciate the sunniest season of the year a little more.

So I’ve compiled a list of the best things about the summer holidays and why I wish they’d never end.

Holiday mode

Family time

Your nearest and dearest have time off work and you can actually spend quality time together as a family. The kids get used to having dad around when they wake up or go to bed and everyone’s happy. The craziness of Christmas is over and it’s time to r e l a x.

Same same

Summer sandals for all

You can wear the same summery sandals as your children and no-one blinks an eye or thinks you’re kooky. You can’t do that with winter boots (that would be weird).

Vitamin sea

Beach time equals happiness

BEACH!! I’m a beach baby, always have been. There is nothing better in this world than having sandy toes and the sound of crashing waves in your ears. Top that off with the sunshine overhead and a refreshing dip and you have the best day ever. Although sharing the experience with your kids is another level of awesome.

Chore snore

Away from home and on holidays and you are not bogged down with the day-to-day tasks like washing or keeping the house spic and span. If you’re on a cruise or staying at a hotel or resort, even better – someone can do all that stuff for you. You won’t even have to cook. Ooh la la.

Walkie talkie

Holiday pace

Long walks. Longer days. Less traffic. Coastal breezes. Getting out and just walking with the family is great for the heart and soul. You talk to each other. You laugh and hold hands with your partner. Your kids stop and pick up leaves and rocks to investigate or dance around your feet while you gaze at them and wonder how you got so lucky. Getting caught in an icy-cold rainstorm while on a walk? Not so great. Enjoy the outdoors while the weather’s fine.

Cheers, big ears

Pimm’s. It’s the ultimate summer drink, am I right? Deeeeelish. No more needs to be said. Just add the orange slice and stick of cucumber and you’re whisked off to a tropical island with every sip. Ahh.

Sweet dreams

Summer siestas in the portacot

Is it because they’ve been busy and they’re excited? The sea air? The novelty of being away from home? The slower pace of a holiday that has lulled them to the land of nod? Mum and dad less uptight? Dunno. But my kids seem to sleep SO WELL while on holidays. Now if we can just make the same happen at home I’ll be a new woman…

Play. All day.

Jump if you like holiday time

Summer holidays when you’re a family are all about keeping the kids entertained. You go from sandcastles to slides to backyard cricket to park dates with friends. The options are endless and it’s great to try new activities while you have the time and the weather is fine. Carnival has a Cruise Tips Blog listing all the ways you can keep kids entertained while on board a cruise, proving the fun doesn’t stop while at sea.

Summer holidays, oh how I’ll miss you. Well, until the Easter holidays anyway…

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