I took the modem out of the box, half expecting to have a bundle of paperwork fall into my hands on how to set up our new home internet. Lacking in patience, I sighed at the thought of being on the phone to a tech support person, guiding me through the process. I plugged in my Vividwireless modem to turn on the power. No sooner had I done that, little lights flashed on to tell me we were ready to go! The wifi popped up on my phone and I clicked. I had internet. No joke, it really was that quick. The easiest thing I’d done all week.

With Vividwireless there is no need for a phone line or a cable outlet. It was easy-peasy and all our devices were instantly connected. I had my laptop on for emails while my iPhone tempted me with Instagram or sat on the desk downloading some music at the same time.

But perhaps the best bit is this  – I’m CONSTANTLY using my phone. Connected to apps, answering emails, downloading images. It doesn’t stop. But neither do the bills and the add-ons. I can easily rack up a monthly mobile phone bill in the hundreds because I can’t stay within my data limit and my phone provider just keeps piling more data on – at a cost.

Getting home and having my phone instantly connect to our unlimited 4G LTE Vividwireless internet access is something I have become very used to and very fond of. Then can let Millie watch Peppa Pig on the ABC for Kids app then download images someone has sent me for work without that awful feeling that I’ll be pinged for going over my data limit.

The Vividwireless service provides up to 10 mbps download and 1 mbps upload.

Hubby has been able to quickly and easily connect to his work remotely and rely on the service staying connected while doing so.

Plans start at just $29 a month with unlimited GB access for only $89 per month, allowing you to download as many movies, games or as much music as you like (acceptable use policy applies for the unlimited plan).

The sleek Vividwireless modem

We had no issues with connection. With the simple set-up, I’m sold. Now we’ve given it a go and discovered how well it works, it will be very hard to live without.

Keen to get connected? Vividwireless products and services are available online, by phoning 1300 327 837 or in store from Harvey Norman and The Good Guys.

To check coverage in your area and for more information go to vividwireless.com.au

The modem costs $199 for month-to-month plans with no lock-in contract or 24 month internet plans with a $0 upfront modem cost are available for online and phone orders ($10 delivery fee applies).

*MillieMummyMelbourne received a nominal payment and was provided a Vividwireless modem and a month of unlimited internet access for the purposes of a review

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