Breastfeeding is not always easy. For some it never is. From day dot, when your baby is a hungry, sleepy newborn, you struggle with hot and heavy boobs, a baby that won’t latch properly, far too many feeds in the darkest hours of the night and ugly bras with fiddly clasps. Some of these problems are inevitable, but you can do something about your bra.

I wish I found the Mumba bra for my first baby.

It’s stretchy! You can wear it during pregnancy and won’t need another when bub arrives and your boobs change shape and size. It will fit you the whole way through.


It’s so comfy! How brilliant it is to pop on a stretchy bra and know that you can leave it on when you finally close your eyes once bub has settled to sleep. It’s made using a four-way stretch fabric and feels like you have nothing on, yet holds and supports. There’s nothing digging in, no rigid seams, no itchy lace or trims. I had Big Boobs Before Babies, so my fellow BBBB sisters will know there’s no braless sleeping going on during pregnancy and breastfeeding. HELL NO.

It’s very easy to undo! I can unhook and drop the cup one-handed (mumma’s got talent). There’s also a thing called Baby Brain, which conveniently turns your brain to mush so you’re a tired, forgetful, confused mess. Luckily, there’s a nifty little clasp to help you keep track of the side your baby last fed from. Much more civilised than the ‘hairtie on my wrist’ system I used with my daughter.

And it brings us to now. My baby is almost 12 months old (*cries*) and is still feeding three times a day, but he is in the delightfully inquisitive stage where the world around him is very, very interesting. Which is great, except when you need to feed. The Mumba Bra has a black and white BabyFocus print on the inside sling that helps keep your little one’s attention while feeding. Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before? So clever.


The bra is available in small, medium and large and will have a size to fit most women. My only criticism is that I wish it came in an XL – there were days when my full-of-milk bajoombas would not sit within the cups and the next size up would have been spot on.

The Mumba Bra, designed by a mum of two, is available online with shipping to Australia.

*MillieMummyMelbourne was gifted a Mumba Bra for the purposes of a review

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