There’s excitement in our household because our dear little man is standing up WITHOUT SUPPORT. We know that means those wobbly first steps are not far off now and we’re waiting for the day when he’ll take off. Finn is already so proud of his efforts and claps himself. Just you wait, kiddo, things are about to get a whole lot more interesting.

Finn is now 13 months old and bang on for hitting his development milestones, but I’m not ready. I want to savour these days watching his little nappy-covered bottom crawl up the hallway. Enjoy the last weeks/months of breastfeeding (I’m trying not to get annoyed if he wakes at 3am for a feed, I’m really trying). Marvel at his beautiful little face when he falls asleep in my arms. The ‘big boy’ things can wait. My last baby needs to stay a baby for a while yet.

Finn and Millie in Bobux shoes

Finn’s sister Millie was a late walker – almost 17 months – so I felt like she was my baby for a good while and needed her mumma for longer before toddling off. Finn is a different kid. He’s been a busy boy from day dot and is into everything already. He’s a goer. He opens and closes doors and cupboard, turns the DVR on and off, reaches for things way above his head and empties bags/buckets/toyboxes in a flash. I feel like I finally know what everyone was going on about when they were saying how exhausting it is looking after a crawler. Millie was such a placid little girl, so much so that we never had to put locks on cupboards or move our valuables out of reach. She just wasn’t interested.

When we take Millie to the park with her bike, Finn likes to have a go at this walking business

With every developmental leap I can see such a change in my boy. He’s louder, faster, more inquisitive. Walking will only make him more so. Bring it on! Watching Finn learning from his sister is one of the best things about being a mum-of-two. Up until recently Millie would play and Finn would follow her around, but he wasn’t allowed to join in. Now he’s bigger, Millie is starting to involve him in her games and they’ll often be playing together. If Millie is using her toy guitar, Finn will often go and bang on his drum. If Millie has Peppa Pig, she’ll hand Finn the George.

Look mum, one hand!

But one constant this time around has been the shoes on Finn’s feet. I’m no longer tempted to buy cheap plastic or synthetic shoes like I was with my first baby (sorry Mille!). Finn wears his soft-sole Bobux shoes almost daily. They’re cute, they’re flexible, they stay on and they don’t restrict those growing tootsies.

I love Finn’s soft Bobux boots for winter

Bobux launched in 1991 with the world’s first all-leather soft sole shoe. Always with healthy foot development in mind, Bobux shoes are stylish and good for little feet. I’m so in love with the Bobux shoes I’ve chosen for Finn – and Millie – and will have them both in this brand until those feet are too big for kid’s shoes.

And the dusty little impressions on the outsole of Finn’s first ever pair? I’ll treasure those tiny footprints and one day he and I will marvel at how far those very feet have taken him.

With every pair of Bobux Xplorer shoes purchased online or in store you will receive a gift to help document your child’s first steps. Offer valid for a limited time only.

*MillieMummyMelbourne is a brand ambassador for Bobux

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