Peppa Pig knows what’s what.

Recycle, recycle we’re going to recycle! Tin cans, bottles, newspapers…

But how about the fruit pouches and their plastic lids? Snack wrappers? In this household we’d go through at least a couple of pouches every day (both kids love them). I dread throwing out the packaging. We try so hard to recycle all we can but because kerbside recycling collections don’t accept them, it all ends up in the rubbish bin. Not anymore.

TerraCycle specialises in recycling and upcycling hard-to-recycle waste, such as beauty and cosmetic products, coffee pods and food packaging. Working with organic food brand Whole Kids, TerraCycle is helping parents and customers recycle this packaging and divert more rubbish from landfill.

Through the Kids Pouch & Snack Recycling Program, Whole Kids is doing its bit for the environment with your help. For each piece of waste recycled, participants can raise money to donate to their chosen school and/or non-profit organisation. The program accepts Whole Kids food pouches, Whole Kids food pouch caps and Whole Kids snack wrappers for recycling.

Mum, dads, schools and playgroups can sign up for free on the TerraCycle website and can post the wrappers and pouches to TerraCycle for free. There is also a growing network of public drop-off locations around Australia, giving everyone the opportunity to drop off their waste for recycling.

Once collected, the food pouches and snack wrappers are cleaned and melted into hard plastic that can be remoulded to make something new.

VIsit MillieMummyMelbourne on Instagram to win a pack of Whole Kids products for your family.

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